We need theme music


Grab your guitar, piano, fiddle, banjo or mandolin, belly on up to your mic or just your phone, and submit your entry (or idea, or even just a snippet) for “The Diecast Road Trip” theme song!!

We’ll either be choosing an entry, or making an original piece from entries, ideas and snippets submitted, and I’ll be producing a final recording to be used in videos about the Road Trip.

(Small print, lol). Please post video w/audio or just audio, and include the lyrics in your post, just so they’re clear. By submitting your recording, you’re agreeing to part or all of the recording and/or the music and lyrics within to be used in whole or part in the final production without further compensation. Contributors will be mentioned in at least 1 video. If we use an entry as the sole entry, that songwriter will be credited in every video which uses the song. I may ask individual songwriters to collaborate on the final, so please keep that in mind.


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